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Passenger Car Valves

We are India based manufacturer, exporter, supplier and trading company dealing with an excellent functioning range of Passenger Car Valves. The car engine has an intake valve and exhaust valve. These valves are open and closed by the camshaft, which has individual lobes. When the camshaft rotates, it pushes the lobes alongside the lifter, which in return pushes the valve and opens it. And, when, it rotates away, the value is closed by a spring attached to it. The intake valve allows the air to enter into the engine and exhaust valves let out the burned gases out of the engine.

Following are the steps to adjust, Passenger Car Valve in the engine:

  •     Lift off the throttle linkage from the valve cover and place it aside
  •     When the engine get cold, remove the valve cover
  •     By following vehicles repair manual, adjust the valves from the front of the engine toward the rear
  •     Turn the crankshaft clockwise and adjust the valve using the screwdriver